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Welcome Boxer Lovers!

   Welcome!  As an avid boxer lover I invite you to browse through my site.  Feel free to leave me any comments as well.  A little about me.....I currently have 2 boxers---Chevy, Chloe & Murphy.  A friend of mine had a boxer and I just fell in love with his personality and decided I wanted one--well, now I have 2!  I got Chevy and Chloe as pups, now almost 1 1/2 years old. 

    I currently am opening my own boxer kennel and rescue, so hopefully soon I will have more (LOL)!  I feel these dogs are too great to be abandoned or mistreated so I am on a mission.   I am a private kennel and rescue so I do not get any funding from the governement.  It all comes out of my pocket so any donations are greatly appreciated.


I currently have 3 dogs up for adoption and 1 that I am fostering that will need a home-check out "Available boxers" to view them.

Welcome Boxer Friend!

    I have set up this site for the boxer lover to come and see other boxers, help boxers in need and for those interested in learning about this wonderful breed of dog.  Feel free to browse the pics, join our blog and discuss fun topics or tell us your funny stories.

Check out our online pet store-- www.puppydogtails.ecrater.com

Proceeds from this store go towards taking care of these dogs and finding them good homes.  Feel free to shop around

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

We are in dire need of outside kennel, kennel panels, doghouses, etc.  Any contribution is greatly appreciated.